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Getting a Gopher client

Linux distributions

On Debian or Ubuntu, as root, type:

apt-get install lynx

On Fedora or CentOS, as root, type:

dnf install lynx

Microsoft Windows

If you have Windows 9x or NT, you're in luck!

The latest versions of Firefox and SeaMonkey for 9x/NT both support gopher!

However, those browsers are quite old, so a better idea to to get RetroZilla and browse both gopher and the modern WWW!

If you use Windows 2000 or newer, it's a little harder.

You can use either Firefox 3.6 or SeaMonkey 1.x, but those are quite old.
A better solution is to use a modern Fx or SM as your main web browser, and use an old version of the other as a gopher client.
The best solution for users of Fx 56 or below is to install OverbiteFF to restore gopher support. For those using Fx Quantum, you need to install an old SeaMonkey version for native gopher.

Mac OS X

If you use an older version of  Mac OS X(10.9 and below), Camino is a decent choice for gopher, but it is quite old.
For users of newer versions(up to 10.14), you can use the modern version of GopherVR, or you can use GopherCK.
For users of 10.15 and above, Lynx is the only option.
For users of 10.6.8 and below, Lynxlet is a decent option for gopher.

Now what do I do?


If you really can't get a gopher client, you can use the Floodgap public proxy located here.
For users of Fx Quantum, you can use the proxy based extension OverbiteWX.

Here are some gopher links:

Floodgap Gopher

Quux Gopher